I am a big fan of infographics. They are a great way of displaying complex and interesting information in a neat, organized and visually pleasing manner. Here is a really cool one by Al Jazeera¬†that depicts the politics of climate change and how government’s positons on the matter has changed drastically since the Kyoto Protocol treaty was signed back in 1997. For instance my country, Canada, which has previously pledged to cut emissions by 6 percent, withdrew from its commitment in 2011. The advancement of technology which has allowed us to unlock the deep deposits of oil sands played a major role in this decision. Ironically world leaders are meeting up this week in Doha, Qatar (the world’s largest emitter on a per capita basis and home of Al Jazeera) to see if they can come up with a new agreement for the 21st Century. ¬†

  • Nov 25

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